Our methods are known to extract the finest produce straight from the pulp, minimizing oxidation and releasing vitamins, minerals and enzymes into each juice. Cling Juices are 100% raw and unpasteurized, giving them up to a 72 hours shelf life. All of these attributes are impossible from a regular juicer.

Cold-press is the method by first crushing the vegetables and fruits into a pulp, the pulp then gets hydraulic pressed to maximize extraction of juice from the fruits and vegetables with no heat, in order to prevent decomposition of nutrients. Also, cold-press can prevent the oxidation of the juice to keep the freshness and the taste of the juices.

What is Cold pressed juice?

Cold-Press, more professionally known as Low Temperature Pressure Processing, is the next-generation manufacturing process equipped to maximally preserve nutrients from the natural ingredients. Packing punches of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants, cold-pressed juice is the easiest approach to your 5-a-day.

Q4.How do you make the cold-pressed juice?

All our juices are cold-pressed using the traditional Norwalk Hydraulic Press Juicers. We first use the Norwalk to gently and slowly grind the fruits and vegetables into a fine pulp, which we transfer into a cloth press bag. Once filled, we place the bag on the Norwalk press plate, where two stainless-steel blades press together and put thousands of pounds of pressure on the pulp. This process is how we extract every last drop of fresh juice from the pulp to provide our high in nutritional value juice.

Q2.Why cold-pressed vs normal juice?

Nutrient retention in cold-pressed juice is high compared to normal juice as the process produces little to no heat, thereby maintaining more of the ingredients’ nutrients that are not retainable in normal juice.


Fruit and vegetables in their raw form, are among the richest available sources of vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Drunk in their juice form, these valuable nutrients pass rapidly into the blood stream because they require very little breaking down in the digestive tract. A diet of 80% or more raw food has been proven to prevent and reverse disease. People who drink raw enzyme rich juices regularly say that they feel more energetic, their skin is clearer, their hair is shinier and their resilience to infection is much greater.

Q3.Why juice?

An average person does not eat enough servings of fruits and vegetables per day due to their busy lifestyles. One of the easiest ways to add it back to your diet is by juicing. Although eating fruits and vegetables provide you with a generous amount of vitamins and minerals, by juicing, we maximize the amount of goodness that was once locked away in fibers and expelled from our body.

What are the benefits of juicing?

Our R&D team have designed our juice line-up to cover a vast array of functions, from detoxification to anti-oxidation. For specific function of our individual raw juice in HK, please kindly consult our interactive engine here.

What’s so special about Cling Juice?

As the best juice cleanse in Hong Kong, our juice is so much more than just a bottle of compressed natural glory. Every single formula of our juices is carefully designed to both taste and function with brilliance.

Why are your juices priced at such a premium?

That is because every ingredient of ours are sourced from quality providers.


What are raw ingredients and where are they sourced?

Raw ingredients are natural and unprocessed foods sourced straight from harvest. We choose using raw ingredients to avoid artificial manipulation which tends to alter the natural balance of nutrients, so your juices can taste in the way they’re meant to be. 

Everything ingredient of ours are sourced from quality international sources.


THERE IS NO ADDED SUGAR IN OUR JUICES. Any sugars are derived from natural sources.

Q10.Is there any added sugar or preservatives in the juices?

We have no preservatives and added sugar in the juices. Keeping the freshness and the raw taste of the juices is our focus. Drink the juice immediately after the bottles opened and keep the unopened juices in the refrigerator before the expiration date as shown on each bottle.

Will I get too much ‘natural’ sugar from the juice?

All our Cleanse programs are designed to cover the basic caloric requirement of an average adult, which is essential for one’s brain function.

If you’d like to avoid as much sugar as possible, why not treat yourself with our advanced Cleanse program?

Q7.How do I know the nutrition content and energy intake?

The amount of energy and nutrition information are listed on the label of each bottle. Always send us an email if you have any further queries.

I don’t like the taste of the juices, can I add any sweeteners to the juices?

It’s not recommended to add anything artificial to your juices, but alternatives like agave nectar, fresh apple or pineapple juice are allowed.


The product has not been treated in any way, no additives have been added to the product. This means, live bacteria may be present. This sort of bacteria, healthy bodies have the ability to fight. However, children, the elderly, pregnant women and immune suppressed individuals will struggle to clear this bacteria, putting them at risk.


High Pressure Processing. This is a type of treatment that allows the product to last longer. We do not use this process at Genie Juicery. Our products are untreated.

Q5.When do my juices expire?

Our cold-pressed juices can be kept fresh for 72 hours. We have expiration labels on each bottle and we do not recommend consuming after this expiration date.

Why do the juice split?

Don’t worry, our juices are 100% raw and unpasteurized, so it is natural to see a two-tone juice. Just give it a light shake and enjoy!

Do you cater for events or business meetings?

Yes, we take part in catering, events and weddings, whatever it suits you.

Q12.Which locations do we deliver to?

We currently deliver to the following locations: All locations in HK Island, and some locations in Kowloon (including Tsim Sha Tsui, Ho Man Tin, Hung Hom, Yau Ma Tei, Mongkok, Kwun Tong). We do not deliver to New Territories, Outlying Islands, and Discovery Bay yet, please contact us should you wish to enquire on deliveries to your area.

Q13.What are my payment options?

We accept payments by bank-in, bank transfer, or by Mastercard, Visa, AMEX, UnionPay through Paypal.

Q15.Have other questions?

Please don’t hesitate to email us at info@clinghk.com


Do we sell Cleanse?It is a dietary program which fully utilize the benefit of fasting and juicing to refresh your body function.
Adequate fasting can renew the white blood cells of your immune system, and then our cleansing juice will flush out the toxins and nourish your body at the same time.
Your body is now ready for a new day of challenge with the best juice detox cleanse in Hong Kong!









我們所有的果汁都使用傳統的諾沃克液壓榨汁機(Norwalk Hydraulic Press Juicers)冷壓而成。我們首先使用榨汁機研磨液壓出水果和蔬菜成汁液,然後將果渣移到布壓榨袋中,並放在液壓機的壓板上,將兩個不銹鋼刀片壓在一起,再在果漿上施加數千磅壓力,就可以從中提取每一滴新鮮果汁,營養價值亦會全數濃縮於果汁中。













 什麼是冷壓果汁



 什麼是果汁排毒?

果汁排毒是一項帶有健康概念的飲食計劃,當中藉著斷食和飲用天然的冷壓蔬果汁以達到洗滌體內機能為目的。短暫而全面的斷食能夠讓免疫系統的白血球得到新陳代謝,而透過我們的果汁排毒療程,更可有效地將體內積聚的毒素沖掉,並同時讓蔬果蘊含的植物營養素滋養身體。 從而讓身體為新一天的挑戰,作好準備!


 為何Cling的冷壓果汁較其它更優勝?



 為何Cling的冷壓果汁較一般的鮮榨果汁矜貴?

Cling除了用上最先進及特製機器在低溫下壓榨蔬果精華,當中包括嚴謹的衞生監控、蔬果的清洗淨化程序、處理流程中的溫度、濕度控制等等。由於壓榨下的蔬果汁衹有其精華,所以同等份量的冷壓果汁,較全統果汁所耗用的蔬果量更多、成本更高,絕對非一般高速高溫攪拌的果汁機所能比擬 。



 什麼是生機食材及這些食材是從哪裡來?

生機食材泛指從源頭收穫得來的天然及沒有加工處理過的食材。Cling選擇採購源材料作為我們冷壓果汁的食材,以避免人為操縱或加工處理等問題,導致營養成分有所改變,因此我們的冷壓果汁,能保持著鮮味之源、營養之本 。



 冷壓果汁的保存期有多久和應怎樣貯存?


由於冷壓果汁屬於生機食材,並且沒有加入任何添加或防腐劑等,所以最好是立即享用,但冷壓果汁若能在0-4 ℃之間冷藏,則可保持不多於六十天的貯存期。


 為何冷壓果汁會沉澱或分開幾層?



 Juicing有什麼好處?


 若正進行長期病患的療程(例如糖尿病),可以進行果汁排毒嗎?





Cling不建議直接把冷壓果汁加熱,因為這會破壞某些對高溫敏感的成分,例如維他命C 。其實,我們所有果汁的最佳味道均設定為0-4˚C的冷藏溫度,加熱後的冷壓果汁可能會改變原有的味美,引至不能享受最佳的品質!


 如我不喜歡冷壓果汁的味道,我可以再添加甜味劑嗎?




 Cling會為活動或商務會議提供服務嗎?

會的,我們會為私人、商務活動或婚禮等提供貼心的餐飲服務,並會因應不同訴求而盡量配合 。